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Youth Ministry


Basic commitments

The Glory of God: 1 Corinthians 10:31

Spreading the Gospel: Matthew 28:19-20

Growing in Christ: 2 Peter 3:18 

Specific Goals:

God's word is clear that our responsibility is to work to help believers grow to maturity (Ephesians 4:11-13). The following then are important characteristics of a mature walk with God and are goals of our youth ministry:

1. Have a heart for God

  • Trust in Him for salvation
  • Have a love for God
  • Be committed to obey His word
  • Have a passion for sharing the gospel
  • Delight in serving God
  • Have a love for other Christians

2. Have a solid understanding of the Christian Life

  • Know the purpose of the Christian life
  • Know the nature of the Christian life 
  • Know the opposition of the Christian

3. Be practicing the spiritual disciplines

  • Reading the Bible faithfully and growing in the knowledge of God's word
  • Praying faithfully
  • Faithfully attending and actively serving in church
  • Growing in holiness

4. Have a solid foundational understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine

  • Have a general understanding of the overall structure and teaching of the Bible
  •  Have a foundational understanding of basic Christian beliefs
  • Develop the ability to think biblically about important issues


Events and Activities

Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting

Wednesday nights are devoted to Bible study and prayer. We begin the time by singing songs which draw our hearts God-ward in devotion and commitment Him. It is our conviction that both the words as well as the music be glorifying to God, but it is also vital that our hearts mean what we sing. God is not pleased with proper music sung from an indifferent heart. Following the singing we spend time each week studying God's word. Following the Bible study we take prayer requests and break up for prayer. Prayer is one of the clearest expressions of our dependence upon God. It is the cry of God's children to their loving heavenly father for help. We go to God in prayer because we need God. We need him to help us, and sustain us, and give us grace. 

Sunday School

Each Sunday the youth meet with the Youth Pastor or other godly teachers to study God's word together during the Sunday School hour. God's word has many important truths that are vital for today's Christian young person if they are going to live God honoring lives. It is our conviction that God's word must be clearly taught and applied in order for our youth to be able to grow in Christ.

 Youth Activity Night 

Each month we have one or two activity nights. These usually last from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and are a great opportunity for fun, fellowship, food, and a challenge from God's Word. We encourage the teens to invite unsaved friends, family, or acquaintances to these and design the challenges to be gospel-oriented. This enables the teens to develop saving relationships with unsaved people and increase their desire for the lost. It also enables the unsaved teens in our community to become aware of our ministry, see that Christians can have fun too, and most importantly, come under the preaching of the gospel message.

 Youth Service       

  Every month the youth group is responsible for one Sunday evening worship service. They lead the singing, share special music, collect the offering, and one of the young men gets an opportunity to preach. This is an outstanding opportunity to help the teens participate in the church and develop gifts and abilities to be used for the Lord. Typically following the youth service there is a youth fellowship held here at the church where refreshments are provided and the teens enjoy some fun and fellowship.

 Summer Camp

   Each summer we take our teens to summer camp. Camp is one of the highlights of the year in our youth program. Much of what we strive to teach and reinforce is brought to a peak at summer camp. Camp provides an opportunity to come away from the many distractions of the world and come under a time of concentrated preaching from gifted gospel preachers. This year the teens will be attending Amazing Grace Baptist Camp in Kansas. 

Youth Group Web-Page

 Our youth group has a Facebook-page where we can share pictures of activities, give announcements about upcoming events, and share other information that is important for the teens and their parents. This web-page is updated with new information or pictures from the last event. Parents and teens are encouraged to visit the site often and share comments on the activity or ask questions. 

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